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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  March 3, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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why a second fire broke out complicating the rescue efforts. it's down to the wire for the nfl and the players union. good morning and welcome to news 4 day today. temperatures plummeted outside. let's take a live look. beautiful sky this morning. but it's gotten even colder since we started. it is now 28 degrees. ouch. >> tom, tell us what's going on. we thought it was march. >> well, it is, but it's feeling like january, that's for sure. temperatures yesterday afternoon low 60s, now mid and low 20s. that's the venus, about 30 million miles away from us, a little bit smaller than the earth. that's the bright spot in the
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southeastern sky. it is down in to the low and mid-20s. weather watchers reporting windchills in the teens. winds only gusting around 15 to 20 miles an hour, you need your warmest winter gear on this thursday morning. we have a clear start to the day. just a few whispy clouds coming over. and by 9:00, it will still be blow freezing and still a bit plus it terry, but then noon mid-30s and only reach near 40 for a high by midafternoon, so a big change from yesterday. then back down into t 30s by la afternoon. a look at your night planner at 6:11. how is traffic? breaking news on the capital beltway. a major impact on your commute. maryland side, accident inner loop just before you get to old george town road. the right side of the roadway. right now we're told it's an overturned vehicle with only one
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travel lane getting by. as a result, traffic coming up from the american legion bridge to river road, coming to a stand still very quickly. now what i fear will happen because we've seen it happen before, these folks will get stuck if the backup and they'll decide to go north on 270, so we could have additional issues. so if you're heading out, find an alternate route. chopper 4 is headed there, as well. here's the location again. inner hoop. outer loop not affected except for rubber necking. for those of you much calmer in virginia. out on the rails, no delays metro or vre. one pretty significant delay marc brunswick 890, now 15 minutes behind schedule.
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6:02 is the time. a 4-year-old boy is in the hospital after firefighters pulled him unconscious from a burning building in the district. it happened near the intersection of benning road and 17th street northeast. tracee wilkins is live at the scene with the overnight developments. >> reporter: they had to resuscitate this 4-year-old twin boy after he was pulled from this apartment fire. they are now listing him in grave condition. we are closely monitoring how he's doing. there is also a 24-year-old woman taken to the hospital, as well, with severe burns to her hands and also smoke inhalation issues. they believe she tried to rush back into rescue that boy. there are a number of people displaced this morning after this fire that began 8:30 p.m. yesterday. several rooms were on fire. there were a number of children in that apartment, including one 4-year-old boy who was rescued. a man driving by stopped to help. he explain what had it sounded like as he approached the building. >> i seen black smoke coming out
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and the lady was like the kids was screaming, so i got out of my car. just stopped and got out, tried to break the glass. and as i broke the glass, the smoke was too much to come out to go in, so it was bad. we erd wiheard the kids stop screaming. by that time, the it fire department was here. >> reporter: now, this is a 40-year-old brick building. and because of that, the structure held in a lot of the smoke and that smoke was very bad for the folks inside breathing. but it did keep the fire contained to just that one apartment. they're still trying to figure out what caused the fire. it's under investigation. but they do believe it started in a first floor bedroom. tracee wilkins live this morning in northeast. back to you. happening today, the man accused of shooting and killing two u.s. air men at an airport in germany had been in court.
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prosecutors say the attack appears to be motivated by islamic extremism. two other u.s. air men were hurt. the gunman is described as a 21-year-old devomuvout muslim m kosovo. raymond allen davis is charged with killing two pakistani men. he says they were trying to rob him and that he actsed it in self-defense. the next court hearing is set for next week. also new this morning, the man charged with leaking classified u.s. documents to wikileaks is in even more trouble this morning. private bradley manning is now facing 22 new charges. the 23-year-old is being held at the marine corps base in quantico. if convicted, he could face life in prison or even perhaps the death penalty. and in the day ahead wrks
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she learn what will happen for those responsible making the raucous videos broadcast on a navy ship. the navy is expected to release the findings of it investigations into the incident. they were seen on the "uss enterprise" between 2005 and 2007. the videos were produced by and featured the second in demand, captain owen honors that included anti-gay slurs. honors was relieved of his command last month after the videos became public. 6:06 now. maryland is set to get back on track with a proposal to legalize gay marriage. the house judiciary exitity is set to vote on the bill this morning. the committee was supposed to vote earlier in the week, but two delegates held out saying they wanted more money put back in to the education budget. they say they're now ready to vote. if it passes, it will go to the full house for a final vote. today president obama will
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meet with mexican president at the white house. the into will talk about a wide range of topics from immigration it to the economy. this visit comes two weeks after a u.s. federal agent was shot and killed in mexico. the attack raised questions about mexico's ability to control violence. federal government workers can breathe a sigh of relief. the government will be business m. this business for the next two weeks. a void as shutdown on friday when the the current funding runs out. vice president joe biden is expected to lead further negotiations between both parties as early as today. 6:07 your time. 28 degrees. one word a fourth grader said to the first lady that even the president won't get away with. and what gray wants from members of his administration. you're waking up to freezing temperatures.
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find out just how much it will warm up take. . and chopper 4 is live over breaking news on i-270. ♪
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[ male announcer ] america's beverage companies are working together to put more information right up front. adding new calorie labels to every single can, bottle and pack they produce. so you can make the choice that's right for you. ♪ beautiful sky. >> that's really nice and that means the sun is creeping up
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earlier and earlier. >> keep thinking those positive thoughts. we all need to keep thinking positive. get the spring car made going. we had a little bit of it yesterday afternoon. there is another view of the sunrise from the sky watcher camera, 300 feet above northwest washington, but it is a cold morning. certainly deceptively cold. feeling like winter. windchills in the teens right now and we have that gorgeous sunrise coming up there. by midafternoon near 40 with a diminished wind. lots of sun. clear this evening, near freezing by midnight. a look at friday, the weekend into next week at 6:21. an overturned car montgomery county. this is the inner loop of the capital beltway near old georgetown road.
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quick work by police. now two lanes are getting by and we may have an additional lane here in just a moment. take a look at the traffic cameras, this is the in-i loop of the beltway as you come up from the american legion bridge. these folks stuck in the backup will get you frustrated, cut over and head north on the 2730 spur. so we may have additional accidents. i certainly hope not. the alternate root, go up 270 to the spur, hang a right, hang another right on to old georgetown road, you'll get on after the accident scene. but be patient and please be very careful if you're headed over there. we'll keep you on top of that. outer loop, a rubber necking delay at worse. 395 a problem northbound at glebe road. takes away the left lane. delays for that begin north from landmark. rails, no concerns.
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metro or vre. marc brunswick 680 at least 15 minutes behind schedule. less than 18 hours away from a potential nfl lockout. what the league is saying about the ongoing negotiations. the ongoing negotiations.
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explosions this morning in libya. two towns bombed in the eastern part of the country. still this morning the libyan government claims it's not attacking its own people. melissa has brand new information that keeps coming in. >> reporter: libyan warplanes struck the oil port of brey today on thursday. the target likely an air strip that belongs to an oil complex. this is one day after armed rebels foiled an attempt by loyalists of gadhafi to rita
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control of the eastern half of the country. death toll rose to on 14 on thursday. brega has ben heen held since l week. forces take up positions in case pro gadhafi forces decide to attack. the latest debate shear whether the u.s. should have a no apply zone. tens of thousands of re few gees are pouring out of will i be yarks but the fighting has prevented humanitarian aid from coming in. beyonce is also caught in the middle of the libyan crisis this morning. it turns out she was paid to perform at a private party for gadhafi's son back in 2009. this morning beyonce says as soon as she found out where the money came from, she donated it to the haiti earthquake relief fund. er, mariah carey have been mentioned as having performed
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for gadhafi family. this morning a campaign to catch a serial rapist is generating leads. east coast generated # 4,000 h4,000 hits. it has sketches of the suspect. the attacks occurred over 14 years. an arrest is not imminent, but it is to see the case getting so much attention. and the man who assassinated kennedy has been payrolled. sirhan sirhan is serving his sentence in a california state pretty on for shooting kennedy. the parole board says he needs more work. he's eligible again in five year. d.c. mayor gray ordering a top down review of all appointees in his administration. the mayor wants d.c. police to
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give each person a complete background check. this sudden change in policy comes a week after gray fired a special assistant following reports about his past legal troubles. city policy had been to have checks on cabinet appointees only. newt gingrich will hold a press conference to announce he's entering an good floorer to phase of a presidential candidacy. a spokesman says gingrich will begin raising money to test whether a bid is feasible. 6:18. almost the end of regulation time. the nfl owners and players will try for a final time today to avoid a work stoppage. both sides will sit down with federal mediators for a tenth consecutive day. the cba expires tonight at 1
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11:59. if an agreement is not reached soon, the nfl may have to begin canceling regular season games for the first time in more than two decades. >> yeah, to the fans, we'll get through this and our commitment is to get a fair agreement that's good for both sides as soon as possible without any disruption to the season and we're fully focused on that goal. >> they're at odds on several big issues including working wage scale and whether to expand the regular season from 16 games to 18 games. it's now 6:19. shushing someone during a tennis match is nothing new, but it was who was getting shushed thatted had people turning their heads. >> tennis is sized just right for kids. >> now it's easier than ever to play an hour a day every day. >> shush. >> alexa orlando took part in
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the commercial. the commercial also featured andring a gas is and receive if i graph. they didn't even know mrs. obama was involved until the night before the commercial was shot. >> mr. president, do not try that at home. >> that's right. few people can say they've shushed the first lady. another local teen shushed his competitors taking home the title of jep arres jeopardy cha. a senior at rockville won by outsmarting 15 other students. he says he'll use his prize money to buy a car, donate to charity and pay for his upcoming tuition. the 16-year-old wants to attend georgetown university, the most expensive university in the country. he says one of the major highlights other than winning was meeting host alex trebek. way to go. >> and i'm sure it's all because
6:21 am
of the brilliant andt talented teachers. >> and no coincidence that your daughter and son-in-law teach wi there. >> are you intimating that she share the winnings? >> i think he ought on did what he feels is right. >> he'll need every cent for th college tuition. we're old to a cold start. mid-20s in prince georges, arlington. weather watchers reporting only in the low 20s blue ridge. the eastern sky filled with solar fire. sunrise only about 20 minutes away. by noon, mid-30s. midafternoon, near 40. bright and sunny diminished wind this afternoon.
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20s tomorrow morning. afternoon highs friday, near 50. rain likely saturday night into sunday. may actually cause flooding, small creeks and streams. and then dry and cool after that. traffic rutrouble this morning. authorities are making quick work of an accident which was overturned inner roof the beltway just before old georgetown road. travel lanes reopened and the backup from bradley boulevard beginning to seize rather dramatically. things actually beginning to settle down just a little bit. so the hope is that things will settle down and get back to normal very quickly. out he loop loading up typical coming off the spur heading south toward the american legion bridge. so good news up here. trouble in virginia with a
6:23 am
broken down vehicle 395 northbound at glebe road. backup from duke street. so extra travel time on 395 north out of landmark. no delays on metro or vre pmt delays mrk oig brunswick 872 and 890, both delayed. >> 6:23 now. what killed a small dog and is still on the loose. and the
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if you thought the salahis were finished, being again. they'll appear on the next season of celebrity rehab. the vh-1 show follows celebrities trying to recover from addiction. they have not said what the salahis are recovering from. charlie sheen's popular tv show may have been put on hold, but he's found a whole new set of followers on twitter. he just joined monday and already has close to 1.1 million followers. he's been posting tweets at all hours of the day. one recent tweet says face it, folk, you just feel better when you say it.
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a major intersection is shut down because of this massive water main break. the area you'll want to avoid this morning. and it's just one of many traffic problems we have this morning. good morning, i'm joe krebs. >> and i'm eun yang. it is 26 degrees at 6:30. look at that beautiful sky. it looks so calm, but it's been windy and cold and not feeling at all like it should in march. >> that's right. march can't be trusted. it's feeling like winter again. we're down into the mid-20s in the suburbs and in the rural areas. low 20s in a few places. 28 at reagan national. and look at the windchills, down into the teens in many
6:31 am
locations. but the winds only blowing around 10 to 15 miles an hour, but that's in you have enough t feels like temperature into the teens. and a sublime salmon and turquoise horizon. we'll have that sun coming up in less than ten minutes. and by 9:00, it will be near freezing, so we'll stay below freezing for about another 2 1/2 hours. the winds will diminish by noon. mid-30s. and by midafternoon, we should make it up to around 40 degrees. our sunrises at 6:38, the sunset at 6:03, and into the mid-30s. another cold night coming up. jerry, more traffic troublesome. now the inner loop of the beltw beltway, this is what i feared may have happened. this is the dinner loop of the beltway coming up from river road. notice how it's coming to a
6:32 am
grinding halt. i suspect there is an accident in the backup from the initial accident. we'll continue to investigate that. so that's two beltway crashes. now another one inner loop montgomery county at university boulevard, authorities on the scene this. and we have at least one travel lane on the inner loop at university boulevard that had been closed. rubber necking on the outer loop. edsel road remains closed in al least andrea. water main break still a problem. picket street is a viable option. those of you who need to navigate around alexandria, we'll watch that closely throughout the morning. trains, good news. metro and vre no delays. two delays on marc. brunswick 872 and 890. 6:32 now. this morning an important
6:33 am
warning for parents before heading out the door. make sure you look your doors when you taker kids in to daycare this morning. it's because police say a thief is on the move stealing items from unlocked cars as parents run inside daycare centers. three incidents reported in december and one in february at two different daycares. about the suspect was also captured on a store surveillance camera trying to use a credit card stolen from one of the cars. a local woman is heart broken and animal control is searching for a pit bull that attacked and killed a small dog. gwe gwe rocky was on a leash and that's when a pit bull came up from behind and jumped on the small dog. hargreaves tried to save her dog but couldn't. >> i kept banging and banging and he wouldn't let rocky go. and he took my dog all the way across the street and i'm running hilike a crazy woman.
6:34 am
and rocky's injuries were so severe he had to be put down. the tan and white pit bull with a pink collar ran off. today president obama will meet with calderon. the two will talk about a wide range of topics from immigration to the economy. the visit comes a little more than two weeks after a u.s. federal agent was shot and killed in mexico. the attack raised questions about mexico's tablt to control vie hence. federal government workers can breathe a sigh of relief this morning. president obama signed a bill into law keeping the government in business for the next two weeks. the extension includes 4 fwhld spending cuts and avoids a shutdown tomorrow when the current funding runs out. president obama joe biden is expected to lead further negotiations between both parties. new from overnight, a court in pakistan ruled an american
6:35 am
cia official does not have diplomatic immunity in a murder case. raymond alan davis is accused of shooting two men. he says they were trying to rob him. government officials insist that david did have diplomatic immunity and cannot be charged. the next trial court hearing is set for march 8th. moammar gadhafi loyal ilss are trying to regain control of areas control the by rebels. witnesses say warplanes bombed the oil part of brega today. meanwhile venezuela president hu go chavez is offering to create a group of nations to mediate the situation. coming up, what seven sorority sisters at the university of maryland are accused of doing on another student that will land them in court later today.
6:36 am
where police are being krag down on aggressive driving and the new tactic they're using. and we're off to a clear and cold start at 6:35. tom kierein will let you know whether it will warm up today. and we have traffic problems all over the place this morning. stay with us. new,s, traffic and weather coming up. fp
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look at that beautiful sky. it is cold. only 28 degrees. and not warming up that much even though it's march. tom will have your broadcast in a moment. it's 6:39. the "today" show is coming up. let's see what they're working on this morning. >> coming up on a it thursday morning on "today," new details on the deadly shooting of two u.s. air men at the airport in frankfurt. it appears to have been motivated by islamic extremism. we're live with the latest. also ahead, the explosive allegations being made by charlie sheen's estranged wife that led police to take away his twin sons. we'll have new details on their bitter custody fight. and woman one's controversial choice to leave her husbands and two young sons to pursue her career. that's when we get started on a thursday oig morning right here
6:40 am
on "today." thanks so much. see you tonight. here is something that will satisfy your sweet tooth. >> sprinkles, the well-known california based bakery is opening a shop on m treatment in georgetown this morning. there will also an sprinkles van di driving around handing out free cupcakes. >> the store is it two blocks from georgetown cupcake and baked and wired. >> i thought sprinkles were things you put on ice cream. >> cupcakes and ice cream. sounds great to me. 6:40 now. tom is here to tell you about when we can expect somewhat of a warm-up. >> a dramatic drop in temperatures overnight. now down in to the 20s in many locations low to mid-20s.
6:41 am
upper 20s in washington and right near the bay. low 20s farther west and north. there is the sunrise, live view from the sky watcher camera. sun's up in a mostly clear sky. still below freezing for a couple of hours. the wind we will have will diminish. by midnight, right back down near freezing again. then mostly cloudy into the upper 20s by dawn on friday. a look at the weekend and next week at 6:15 5 1. how is traffic? more trouble on the capital beltway following break you nne. inner loop chopper 4 over the scene, the left half of the roadway currently blocked. this is the second or possibly third beltway crash of the morning. crews are on the scene. the inner loop jamming up.
6:42 am
beltway from river road, this is heavy and slow. the accident earlier quickly cleared to the shoulder, but now we're seeing delays coming north from the american legion bridge passing river road up to a point just north of river road where i suspect there is an additional accident in that backup. so we'll have to watch that. so things dicey on on the beltway. outer loop, the broken down car on 3950 up at glebe road has been removed from the roadway. it's jammed from edsel most of the way occupy, but aup, but al. marc brunswick 872 and 890 delayed. 28 degrees, who wants to
6:43 am
charge you $30 to watch a movie? >> the hazing scandal at the university of maryland. what a group of sorority sisters is accused of doing to another student. >> t
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unconscious from a burning building. tracy wiee wilkins is live it ae scene. >> reporter: he had to be resuscitated after being taken out. he's how listed in very critical grave condition. we're paying very close attention it how he's doing there in the hospital. there was also a 24-year-old woman taken to the hospital, as well for extreme burns to her hands and also smoke inhalation. they say they believe this woman tried to go back into the building and rescue that 4-year-old boy. this are a number of folks displayed. several rooms on the first floor apartment were on fire last night. in that apartment was a 4-year-old boy rescued. a man driving by stopped by to help. >> seen black smoke coming out and the lady was like kids were screaming, so i got out of my
6:47 am
car. just stopped and for the out, tried to break the broke the g smoke was too much. we heard the kids top streaming. by that time the fire department was here. >> reporter: there was is second floor on the second floor because someone left food cooking on the stove after they evacuated. firefighters took care of that, as well. this morning there are a number of people displeased. the red cross is helping out those folks. they're trying to figure out the cause, but they dough know it started in the bedroom. back to you in the video. know it started in the bedroom. back to you in the video. . the school board is considering opening schools on august 29th instead of after labor day which this year is a
6:48 am
week later on september the 5th. supporters say it is give teachers more time to prepare students for ap exams and standardized tests. opponents say it will be an inconvenience for parents. seven members of a sorority accused of hazing will be in court today. a pledge in the zeta phi beta sorority told police she was assaulted and beaten during initiation. the sorority has been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation. there's a big crackdown under way on aggressive driving in northern virginia. officers out in unmarked cars along route 28. they say they're looking for everything from reckless driving to illegal lane changes. it's known as let's eliminate aggressive driving or l.e.a.d. it runs through march. montgomery county may be the
6:49 am
next place to institute a bag tax. next week they'll offer up to a five cent fee for paper and plastic bags at grocery stores. he says the tax will hopefully reduce the amount of bad waste on county roads. if approved, it will a effect in january of 2012 and raise cho to $1 million in the first year. the postal service is on pace to be broke by the end of september. courtney has more. >> congress is opening the envelope on the u.s. postal services and lawmakers don't like what they pulled out. postmaster general told a house hearing they will run out of cash by the end of the fiscal year in september. and up like other federal agencies, the postal service is required to pre-fund health benefits for retirees. that means it owes about $5 billion for those medical costs. steve jobs got a standing
6:50 am
ovation yesterday as he took the stage in san francisco to show off apple's new ipad. he's been on medical leave since late january. as for ipad it 2rks i2, it's li comes in black and white, has cam cameras for video chatting. the "l.a. times" says users of direct tv will be able to watch movies just two months after they debut in that's rights. reports say you'd have to pay $30 per movie, though it could also be bundled with a physical dvd copy. direct it tv hopes to launch the service in june. joe, back to you. sglrs. >> a whole lot cheaper just to go to the movies. >> exactly.
6:51 am
today organizers are expected to announce their prediction for the peak blooming period of cherry blossoms. 24 this ye this year marks the 99th anniversary of jar ja ppan givi the trees. it's so beautiful. it makes me think of spring. >> good thing those blossoms aren't out now, they would be all bewaring coats. do you know where your lumpy sweater is? we have a very cold start to this day. certainly not anything like when you went to bed. it's down into the low 20s in many locations, even upper teens. closer to washington, mid-20s. prince georges, arlington, fairfax and montgomery county,
6:52 am
upper 20s. look at the windchill, a wind gusting around 20 miles an hour or so. that is enough for windchills to be todown into the teens. western maryland, only near 20 many locations. teens in west virginia. saranac lake, lake is 23 below zero. we're feeling some of that which i will here. we've got a mostly clear sky and we'll have lots of spine. that strong plarnlg sun wimarch to overcome, but for students at the bus stop, you definitely need to layer up. we'll have bright sunshine. a mostly clear few wispy cloud apby sunset, mid-30s. mid my, near freezing again. by dawn friday, upper 20s and we'll have a mostly cloudy start
6:53 am
to the day. up near 50. saturday a bit milder, a lot of cloudiness, rain likely saturday night and on sunday. and enough rain that may cause some smauk creeks and streams to of their banks. and then monday, tuesday, well, we dry out. all day long you can follow my broadcast on twitter as well as weather, science and nature news. montgomery county beltway has been a bear all morning. this is the inner loop after bradley boulevard before but you get to the exit for the northbound i-270 spur. a couple cars advantage gelltan. pretty nasty commute for you off the inner loop from the american region bridge trying to get over toward the spur or continuing over toward rockville pike. middle of the roadway blocked. those delays are substantial. what happened was what i fear
6:54 am
wood happen. we had the extent earlier, inner loop at old georgetown. a couple of folks in the backup ran into each other. so we're looking at delays trying to get around to the 227 spur. and there is an incident inner loop between university boulevard and new hampshire avenue. that was tying up the two left lanes. so not much relief out there. also an outer loop backup from i-95 to a point opposite the inner loop accident. take a deep breath, it will be a long morning. edsel road is still closed because of a water main break between van door ran street and picket street. picket street is your alternate. on the rails, no delays metro or vre. marc brunswick 87 it -- 872 and
6:55 am
890 both delayed. new overnight, two shootings in a parking lot of beltsville apartment complex. a second shooting in the hallway of an apartment building around 10:50. that have t victim had a gunsho in the back. police have not released information with a moistutive o suspect. melissa has this morning's top stories. >> collective sigh of relief for federal government workers this morning. the much talked about shutdown has been oaverted for the next two weeks. the extension includes $4 billion in spending cuts. and immigration and the economy two topics front and center when president obama meets with calderon at the white house. the visit comes a little more than two week after a u.s.
6:56 am
federal agent was shot and killed in mexico. and the attack on a bus load of uts air men at frankfurt airport appears to be been mote vited by islamic extremism. the 21-year-old suspect is in custody and will appear in court later today. and the nfl and players union are scheduled to resume mediation this morning. their agreement expires tonight. among the sticking points, how to decide up league revenues. depending on what happens, the nfl might wind up losing regular season games for a work stoppage for the first time since 1987. of course for all us redskins fan, we hope they work something out. back to you in the studio. . >> sure did. sunday won't be the same. >> can't emergency life without football. for this brrs-day, it will it will only get to around 40 later it this afternoon. a blustery wind that will diminish. finally warmer on friday, even
6:57 am
milder over the weekend. it looks like rain saturday night as well as on sunday that may cause flooding. now jerry has breaking traffic news. beltway accidents galore this morning. chopper 4 after river road but before the exit for the 270 spur, that's jammed up. and accident inner loop at university boulevard. extra travel time needed. >> that is news 4 today. thank you for starting your day with us. >> we'll be right back here tomorrow morning. hope you'll join us then. have a great day. [ man ] i was deciding what to do
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